Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Season, New Make Up

Smoke those eyes, define those cheeks, line those lips, and apply those lashes. That's the battle cry for all diva fashionistas that LOVE make-up. Before you can smoke the eyes, define the cheeks, lips and lashes you have to have the BASICS in your make up bag. The season is changing, so it's time for all you diva fashionistas to change up that make-up. Listed below are the suggested changes for the season.

A Good Concealer

A good concealer is an ABSOLUTE must! Concealer can be used for just about can be used to hide unwanted flaws, highlighter to define brows, a primer for eyeshadow and lips. If you don't have a favorite I suggest these two items.

SPLURGE: MAC SPF 35 Concealer; Price: $16.50
SAVE: L.A. Colors; Price: $1.99

My favorite is L.A. Colors. At $1.99, you can't beat it and if you're on a budget, this is the concealer for you, sista!

A Good Foundation

Just like a house needs a good foundation on which to build, your face is the exact same. Your foundation should work miracles on your skin. I absolutely love MAC Liquid Studio FX. the liquid FX gives great coverage. If you have to splurge on ONE make-up item, this should definitely be IT!

A Good Blush

Anyone who knows me knows I ABSOLUTELY love blush! Blush is a MUST!!! Blush puts the finishing touches on your look. My favorite blushes are MAC of course, but I love to find good buys at my neighborhood beauty supply (S/O to Upscale Beauty Supply in Wichita, KS!)


Along with your eyebrows, your lashes are the frame of your eyes, so having a great mascara is an absolute MUST! When searching for a mascara, search for one that does NOT run and that's easy to remove. My favorite SPLURGE item is Dior Show by Dior. I have several SAVE items: Colossal Volume by Maybelline and any Rimmel product.

Colors of the Season

NYC Fashion Week just came to a close a couple of weeks ago and the HAUTE colors are in...Are you ready for them?


Brown, but not just any old brown is an IT color for the season. As of now, camel is the new color to rock out. In addition to rockin the camel, expect to see intense browns, golden browns, luminescent browns and beige.

To build your own brown palette for little of nothing, visit

Up Next...Purple and Violet

Using purples and violets to smoke your eyes out for an evening look is the new thing to do. If you're inexperienced get some practice in before taking the look to the streets.

Last but not least...Nude

Nude is a perfect 'color' when you're trying to go for the effortless beauty look. Nude shadows are a great base and look great when paired with the browns, purples and violets.

If you have the time and the funds, hit your local make-up counter or shop online and give these great fall colors a whirl. I trust you won't be disappointed.