Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crushed: No DC3 Reunion At The Super Bowl...

Soooo I was BEYond excited about the the DC3 Reunion (Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly), but it looks like it's not going to happen. According to sources, Essence Magazine, the trio will not be reuniting, because Michelle is starring in the Broadway Production of Fela! and the show is opening the same time as the Super Bowl. I'm so sad...I was really looking forward to this performance and I was really wondering if Miss Tina would pull out some ol sequins embellished short set type ensemble of days old for the girls to wear (y'all know y'all remember them short sets...Beyonce always got the shorts because she had the legs, Kelly got pants and a crop top because she had the abs, and Michelle...well, Michelle just got the left over material that was usually some sort of modest style dress...y'all know I'm not lyin...LOL)! Regardless of what they wore, I LOVED them then and I LOVE them now!

I'm secretly hoping all of this reunion cancellation talk is a hoax and the group will perform; I mean stranger things have been happening (think Manti Te'o and his FAKE RELATIONSHIP, BeyonceGate, and a host of other stupid things that continuously make the news headlines). As I find out more information via my most reliable source, Twitter (LOL...I ain't shame), I will let y'all know. Until then, anxiously wait King Bey's performance at half time of the Super Bowl...I know I am! :)

Ciao lovies and see ya at the TOP!