Monday, February 13, 2012

Red Carpet Assessment Pearlie's Fashion Passion Style...

Alrighty, lovies...I didn't get a chance to watch the Grammy's for a few reasons:

  1. I had things to do (laundry, prepare for the work week, sit on my couch, sip champagne for no reason...just normal things on my to do list)
  2. I don't watch award shows ( I only like to see the red carpet fashion)
  3. I don't have cable (don't judge started out as a dare to myself and I've just kept it up for almost a year...I kinda like should try it) and the stupid snow messed up my antennae.
While I didn't watch the show, I definitely knew what was going on...AMEN to social media. From Twitter, I learned Olivia couldn't get into the show because Chrissy's mole took her seat, Adele won every category she was nominated, one idiotic Chris Brown said that he could beat her anytime because he was just that FINE (WTH?!), and Nicki Minaj had her Illuminati probate show on live television; from Facebook I learned some people didn't like J. Hud's tribute to Whitney Houston, some people thought that they were jipped on the tribute length, and I learned again Nicki Minaj's probate show alarmed the masses and one friend made a post stating, her children hid under the covers when the performance started.

Needless to say, I didn't really miss much and everything I do enjoy I was able to catch on the web. So without further ado, I will give you the 2012 Grammy's Red Carpet Fashion Assessment PFP style.

Belle of the Ball, Dame of the Evening, Queen of the Night...whatever you want to call her...Adele gets two snaps and a twist for rockin the hell out of this fabulous Armani Prive dress. Karl Lagerfeld, eat your bloody hear out! *said in my British accent*

Keys, you be killin em. While Ms. Keys style choices are often suspect (remember the cornrows, floppy hat and all denim unit she wore to the Grammys one year?), she killed it this go 'round. I'm loving Ms. Keys in the Alexandre Vauthier LBD and the tribal-inspired neck piece...A+, Ms. Keys.

Alicia and her boo, Swizz...Alicia lookin like a million bucks and Swizz lookin like a no-relaxer having, receding hairline, fade wearing, more masculine version of  Prince with the purple blazer and bowtie get-up.
Mr. Beatz NEVER disappoints me when it comes to his personal style...I can dig it.

Amber Rose, YES HUNTY! Love you in yellow.

Debra Lee, no m'am...You ALWAYS miss the mark. Your dress is alright...your hair is a wreck...did the cat lick it before you hit the red carpet? As one of the most powerful women in media, I need you to do better...PLEASE! Ms. Ava, you're a teenager, so I'll let you make it, but NEXT time...I'M.ON.YOU.LIKE.I'M.ON.YO.MAMA!

Beef with Drake, No Beef with Drake; Mr. Common is A-Okay in my book. Love his laid back, grown up style.

DIVA ON THE RED CARPET...DIVA ON THE RED CARPET. GO on Ms. better work with them sparkly cuffs!

DIVA ALERT! DIVA ALERT! DIVA ALERT! Very rarely does Ms. Ross make a wrong! Love her style...#FAB

Fergie in Jean Paul Gaultier...all I can say is, 'Hmmmmm....interesting.' #ThatIsAll

Gayle, you look AIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT...haven't been a fan of your hair over the past few years seeing as though you NEVER change it up. I'm not really a fan of your make-up either...brighten it up and then we'll be A-Okay!

J. Cole...cute that you brought your mom to the awards show, but I can't get over your deer caught in the headlights expression. I thought you'd look MUCH cooler based on the music you make, but you look just like a regular old dude...
I can dig it.

Mr. Legend, I guess you're marking your territory...everyone knows the beautiful Chrissy Teigen is your long-time boo thang turned fiance...Both Legend and Teigen look GREAT!

Kelly Price...I love the dress, I love the color, I love the sparkle. YOU GO GIRL! *Martin Lawrence Voice*

Yes, Ms. Kelly...Love the Alberta Ferretti gown. I could do without the puff in the back, but overall...LOVE IT! :)

Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga...can you be normal for one day? Sittin in the audience looking like a fish out of water, caught in a net with a staff? Really? Okay...Do You. I will say that Gaga's face is beat underneath that net.

Yes m'am, Ledisi....lookin good! :)

It's a Different World, oooohhhhh in where ya come from...yes it is now, yeah! Lupe Fiasco looking like the first day of class on Hillman Campus with the Dewayne Wayne flip up glasses, the peace necklace...I'm not sure if he's trying to make a statement or if he's time warped?! I'm also definitely NOT feeling the Kriss Kross-esque braids, locs or whatever...

Little Red Riding in THE HOOD...Really Nicki Minaj? You are a messs. The Versace whatever the hell you want to call it is horrible.
I guess when you're prepping the crowd for your Illuminati Probate Show (thanks Amber for the comparison), keeping your identity concealed is a MUST. I remember wearing my pink scarf right before my probate in SPR 02 @ Texas Southern University.

Nicki and a creepy man posing as the Pope (rude?!) on the red carpet before her Illuminati Probate Show. *hard eye roll*

Ricky Ross keeping it simple. I'm glad he didn't take his shirt off...

Everyone raved about Rihanna in the custom Armani gown. The gown is alright...the plunge in the front, slit up to there, plunge in the back...seen it before, what's the big damn deal? So umm in my opinion, the dress wasn't anything to write home about. Her hair was meh...I mean was she channeling her inner Suzanne Somers circa 1980 something? Despite all my disappointments about this much hyped, nothing to write home about dress I will say, Rihanna's body in the dress? Worth writing a dissertation...Rihanna is fit, fab, and crazy...what a great combo.

Low plunge anyone?

Taraji P. Henson...lookin good, lookin great...

Tamar and Toya...not sure what's going on in this pic, but the ladies look pretty good. Go ladies! :)

Valerie comment.

Nicki looked a mess, but Bird Man, Tyga and Mack Maine represented the YMCB camp quite well.