Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Dream Deferred: I Lost My Invite To The Met Ball...

The Met Ball. Fashion's Oscars. Yours truly had an invite (not really, but I'd like to think that one day I will get my invite via courier...y'all know I have HIGH hopes and a VIVID imagination) and I lost it. Yes, I lost my invite to the Met Ball. Who does that? THIS GIRL! *points to self* So yeah, if y'all remember correctly, last year I had a dream I was there and this year it really happened (in my head of course). I got my invite via courier to the Met Ball. When the courier knocked on my door and handed over the invite I was would've thought I won Publisher's Clearing House Grand Prize! I stared at the invite for what seemed like hours and then carefully tucked it away in the pile of graduation invites on my countertop, right under Richelle Jones' Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall Law School invitation (s/o to Richelle a.k.a. Law School...I'm so proud of you)! So yeah, I thought the invite was safe...apparently it was NOT! A few days before the event I went to double check on the invitation and it was gone. Yes lovies, GONE! POOF! VANISH! NO MORE! I was devastated. I tore my whole entire house apart looking for that invite. I searched high and low and no invitation could be found. I couldn't believe I lost it. After I kicked, screamed, cried, passed out I gave up. I lost it, I lost my opportunity to go to the 2012 Met Ball. I guess I'll have to try to get on the list again next year. I guess I'll have to wait one more year to ask Bey how Blue is doing, one more year until I can ask Solange 'Girl, how do you keep that hair lookin so fresh?!' One more year until I can tell Paula Patton 'That's one fine man you've got for a me some Robin Thicke!' And last but not least, I will have to wait one year to tell Kanye that I'm sorry he got played like the rest of the brothas that dated Kim K. ( I mean seriously y'all?! I love me some Kim K and Kanye, but let's do the's simple: A Diva + A Divo = A NO GO!)

Wish me luck next year, lovies. Until then, enjoy the pics.

Ciao lovies and see ya at the TOP or the Met Ball...whichever comes first!

Alicia and Swizz:
 'I was wonderin maybe if we could wear black suits, baby?! It would be so beautiful, either way I'm sayin...if you ask me I'm ready...' #ImFunny! 

Anja Rubik in Anthony Vaccarello
So ummm...I guess you thought your leg was going to get as much media play as Angelina's?
Uh huh, boo boo you thinkin wrong?!

Debra Messing in Fred Leighton Jewels

Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick in Prada

Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhlullier
I LOVE me some Ginnifer stylish

Gisele in Givenchy and David Yurman
Yes, Gisele! Yes, Hunty!

Heidi 'The Body' Klum in Escada
Ain't no divorce gonna stop her show!

Janelle Monae: Eclectic Beauty

Hi Kanye, where's Kim?!

Katherine McPhee in Elie Saab

Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte and Vancleef & Arpels
Love this look! So classic! So chic!

NY Royalty: Lala and Carmello Anthony
Lala in Zac Posen...I'm tryin to tell y'all she has come a lonnnnngggg way since her MTV days...Lovin her look!

Lily Colins in Louis Vuitton

Loving Linda Evangelista's floor length peplum dress by Prada
Jewels: Harry Winston (Future Husband, whoever you may be, I need you to get real familiar with Mr. Winston!)

Paula Patton looking as stunning as ever in Vera Wang

Rashida Jones in Tory Burch
Such a lady-like it!

Rihanna looking like a lost character from the movie The Avengers in a Tom Ford design
Love the dress...look at that body?! #iDie!

Hey Mr. Tebow!

I had to round it out with H-Town's Finest, Beyonce and Solange...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their style. YES GIRLS, H-TOWN, STAND UP! 

Beyonce in Givenchy...does this woman look like she just had a baby?!
Nope...she just bounced right on back to her regular self...WHO RUN THE WORLD?!

YES BEY! You are killin em, boo boo!

Solange, are Killin Em in the Rachel Roy peplum gown!
You look absolutely flawless and that hair is to die for!

Yes, SoloStar! Loves It!