Thursday, July 21, 2011

Double Denim: DO or DON'T?

This whole double denim thing is kind of taking the world of fashionistas by storm. I've been aware of this trend for quite some time and while I have yet to try it myself I've seen it on some of my celebrity friends (they're my friends in my head...don't judge) and it's kind of grown on me. The hard part with this trend is deciding how YOU are going to rock it and make it your own. I'm headed out of town this weekend (H-TOWN, baby!), so I think I'll rock this look in the airport. I'll post pictures of my Double Denim look some time next week. In the mean time, if you're in the mood, try this look for yourself. If you do, take pics and post them on the FB page..I'd love to see how you diva fashionistas rock this look. If you post to the FB page, I just might have a lil sumthin sumthin for the first poster.

BUT...before you try this look and post the pics, check out the style tips below to help you get your look together!

Lighten up: Pair your denim with some white jeans for an easy, breezy look (see Ashley Tisdale).
Think black and blue: Black and blue isn't just the color of bruises. In a rush, pair your denim with a white (fitted or loose), a denim jacket, and black skinny jeans a la Kourtney Kardashian.

Add a pop of COLOR: If you choose to wear ALL denim, use a pop of color to break up the monotony of your look. Add a colorful clutch or handbag or even a scarf. (see Katie Holmes).

Stick to similar washes: Similar washes make the look. Pair dark grey jeans with a blue denim shirt. The 'murky' colors create a grungy, but hip look (see Sienna Miller).

Mix high-contrast pieces: When in doubt, play it safe, but chic by pairing a light wash top with a dark wash bottom. This creates a crisp and clean look that's breakfast, lunch or throw on some heels for a dinner look (see Reese Witherspoon).

Pick a pattern: Break the rules and throw in some patterns a la Diane Kruger. Combine stripes, florals, pops of color, blazers...whatever you like to create the eclectically chic look.