Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Feathers Here...Feathers There....Feathers EVERYWHERE...

So I took notice to this trend around Summer 2010. I was seeing girls all over the place with these feathers, of all things in their hair, and I couldn't figure out for the life of me how they were getting those things in their hair. It wasn't until a few months later a friend that had gone to Colorado for a few weeks for summer vacation brought them to my attention even more. She came back to town raving about FEATHER EXTENSIONS! I was like, 'WHAT?!' Then she showed me and I was like, 'OHHHHH!!! That's what those things are!' And like that, I happily agreed to be a guinea pig for the experiment. I got my feathers and kept them in for quite a while and got TONS of compliments. I felt like the Hollywood celeb I've always wanted to be (well...not really, but close enough...LOL!)

So although feather hair extensions made their debut some time ago they are this season's hottest trend. Everyone from Hollywood celebs to regular trendsetting fashionistas are rocking feather hair extensions. The great thing about the feather hair extensions is not only are they CA-UTE! They are very, very affordable. You can get in on this hot trend for as little as ten bucks per installation and what's even better about these little stylish feathers is they can last up to four months (depending on the wearer) and they can be washed, brushed, blow dried, straightened and even curled.

If you decide to rock this style out and would like to make an even bolder statement try choosing shades that are on the opposide side of the color wheel from your hair. For example, if you're blonde, opt for lavender colored feathers; if you're brunette go for turquoise feathers and if you're a red head try wintergreen colored feathers.

No matter what colors you choose to rock, I'm certain you will look fabulous and turn heads left and right!


SN: PBLB will be carrying feather kits and doing installations June 2011. Get yours NOW!

Model in photo has natural colored feathers that blend nicely with hair color

Beyonce is wearing the tinsel hair extensions; not my personal favorite, but if you're daring, give it a whirl!