Monday, March 15, 2010

JPG for Target (Tar-Jay)

So I know I'm a tad bit late with this one, but who cares?! I told y'all I've been busy, so work with me. :)

Anyway, I was wondering through the aisles of Target (pronounced Tar-Jay) and I happened to stumble across the fabulously, wonderful JPG (Jean Paul Gaultier, for those of you that didn't know) for Target collection. I knew JPG was doing a line for us regular folks that shop at Target, but what I didn't expect was the low price point (you guys know Target gets a little beside itself and goes crazy with the prices) and the extraordinary quality of the pieces. I was also happy to see a diverse size run for each piece (thanks for looking out for the big girls, JPG...we appreciate that)!

For those of you that are a tad bit late in the game (myself included), check out some of the pieces below or hit the aisles of Target or the website and see for yourself. You will NOT be disappointed...